Warzone Resurrection: The Capitol Corporation

Capitol Corporation – Pride and Profit


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The Capitol Corporation differs strongly from the other corporations – there is no ruling elite in Capitol for the power lies with the people. All Capitolians are able to vote democratically for members of the Board of Directors, the men and women who hold the power over Capitol. It is the Board of Directors which appoints the Board of Executives, the individuals who run the corporation day to day, one of whom serves as the President of Capitol – the face of the corporation. Whilst this convoluted system of voting and appointments seems to take power away from the people, the only way to keep these vaulted positions is to have a positive public image and to work for the betterment of the corporation. Should the voters find any person wanting then officials step in to swiftly remove the offender from office and condemn them to the lowest ranks of Capitol society. Since all citizens of the corporation are voters, and all votes are shareholders in the corporation, it is always in the people’s best interest, financially, to ensure Capitol is run by the very best. In a world torn apart by war Capitol continues to grow and thrive economically; the success of their system is abundantly clear!

(Mutant Chronicles ®, © Mutant Chronicles International Inc.)

Capitol follows a simple ethos with regards to military action – deterrence and retaliation. To ensure this ethos is maintained, Capitol has the largest military of any corporation, effectively deterring anyone from attacking their holdings, and any action taken against them is retaliated against with overwhelming force, leading to the total destruction of the aggressors.

Capitol Airborne Cavalry

(Mutant Chronicles ®, © Mutant Chronicles International Inc.)

In Warzone Resurrection, the Capitol forces form an elite fighting unit that looks to overpower their foe. They have unique access to jet packs, making them a fast and maneuverable force. Before the game begins your choice of Warlord, between Ranged, Combat and Tech, influences and enhances your army – a choice of tactical training advantages specific to each Warlord class allows you to augment one type of your units.

Capitol Light Infantry

You basic Light Infantry have a host of special options available, allowing you to tailor them to your force. Your Heavy Infantry offer devastating ranged fire support, with the option for chainsaw bayonets to make them just as brutal up close as they are from afar.

Capitol Heavy Infantry

In support of your core troops Capitol boast Free Marines, far ranging infantry able to strike behind enemy lines and armed with C4 explosives for sabotaging your opponent’s cover and decimating their vehicles. The Sea Lions are an elite special infantry able to hide from your opponent and harass them with accurate small arms fire and Martian Banshees, infantry armed with powerful jet packs able to rapidly transverse the battlefield and land on opponents bringing death from above.

Martian Banshees

In addition to their infantry, Capitol have a series of vehicles available to players, including the Purple Sharks, Jetbike units that are nimble, lightly armoured and heavily armed, the Orca Battlesuit, a heavy walker with a horrendous number of weapons to punish your opponents from afar, and the brutal Leviathan, a battle tank with dense armour and versatile weaponry equally capable of cracking open armoured units or scything down hordes of infantry.

Lt. Colonel. Mike Sanders – The Blue Shark

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