We’ve passed the half-way mark for November and want to provide an update on MKIV progress for anyone watching the calendar like we are! 

In our Washington facility, we’ve been maintaining pace on the production of the Sea Raiders and Storm Legion Core Army Starter contents and are on track to complete them by the end of the month. Our shipment from the UK, which includes the warjacks and warcasters for both army boxes (as well as the House Kallyss preview battlegroups), has been pushed by about a week, and is now due to ship on November 27th, which means we should be receiving the models the first week of December. Ahead of their arrival, we’ll be able to pack about three-quarters of each of the Army Starters to reduce packing time once everything is here. We’re still hopeful to be able to ship everything in early December, though with the holidays and international shipping, we’re working as hard as we can to make every day count.

We had originally planned a major update to the WARMACHINE app for next week which will integrate the rules into the app, but are pushing this to the following week, after the Thanksgiving holiday. We want to take a little extra time to address a couple of important functional and visual bugs to improve usability. Given the short week, we feel it’s better to delay the update rather than publishing it right before the team goes offline for the holiday. We’re now planning the library update for the week of November 28th, but in the meantime, you can expect to see continual bug fixes and improvements made.

Meanwhile, the development team is working away on the next Prime Legacy armies as well as the MKIV Steamroller 2023 document. The Thornfall Alliance army will show up in the app by the end of the month. We’ll be following with Rhul Guard in December and Talion Charter in January. Based on our tie-breaking community poll, Ravens of War will release in February and Secret Dominion in March. Along the way, we’ll also be adding rules conversions for Unlimited Legacy models, with the Archons expected to appear in the app as soon as Unlimited Arena functionality is available in the app.

We’ll be posting the Steamroller 2023 beta document on November 30th. We are currently playtesting the new format and scenarios and are looking forward to getting community feedback once the document is out in the wild and the scenarios are getting played on many thousands more tabletops. Our approach to Steamroller in MKIV is very different than past years. We’re experimenting with new mechanics, event formats, scoring, and purpose-focused narrative scenarios that we know may be shocking if you’re used to the last several years of Steamroller, but we believe are going to provide a fresh and exciting new experience to WARMACHINE tournaments. In the weeks after the document goes live, we’ll continue to polish the rules and scenarios and adjust them based on community feedback with a plan to have everything locked and a final document published no later than January 12th, 2023, which is two weeks before LVO and the first major convention for official WARMACHINE MKIV events.

We’ll continue to update you on progress here and are looking forward to a very active week after the holiday. Until then, thank you for your continued patience and support!

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