Confirm your preorder today!

WARMACHINE MKIV Core Army Starters for the Orgoth Sea Raiders and Cygnar Storm Legion will arrive in stores on January 13th, 2023.

Confirm your preorder now! All distributor and paid retailer preorders received before the order due date have been shipped in time to arrive on or before the January 13th street date. Orders placed after the due date may arrive later but should not be far behind. Call or visit your local game store today and have them verify their distributor order or direct order with Privateer Press!

Reminder: All Core Army Starters were shipped with a Starter Magnet pack sold separately. Don’t forget to purchase one Starter Magnet Pack with each Army Starter (PIP 22000, PIP 21000). Magnet Packs (PIP 21190) are not intended for sale without Army Starters, as all orders were shipped with matching quantities of Magnet Packs and Army Starters.

Next Up: the Khador Winter Korps Core Army Starter. If you’ve been waiting for the Winter Korps, now is the time to confirm your preorder as well. Winter Korps Army Starters are expected to begin shipping approximately one month after the release of the Sea Raiders and Storm Legion Army Starters.

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