We’re currently awaiting approval from Apple on our most recent build of the WARMACHINE app submitted earlier this week. Once approved, we’ll be able to open subscriptions! 

With Apple, this submission goes under human review, which can take longer than normal submissions, and is subjected to more intense scrutiny to ensure every aspect of the submission process is working as intended. So, while we’re eager to activate the subscription feature and get started publishing the content we’re excited to get into your hands, we’re also happy to comply with this process because we, too, want to make sure everything is working as intended when the feature launches.

Once the new build is live, you’ll see several new additions to the Library section of the app, including a Warcaster Training Guide as well as the Forces of WARMACHINE articles for Sea Raiders, Storm Legion, and Winter Korps. The Forces documents consolidate the model lore summaries and overviews of each of the new armies in MKIV, providing a solid reference for the background of your new army or for determining which new army you might want to jump into in the future. The Warcaster Training Guide is a streamlined introduction to the rules of WARMACHINE, specifically for those playing warcaster-led armies. It’s a good starting place for new players as well as for any experienced players who might need a refresher on the game. 

You’ll also see the first chapter of the Black Tide campaign. This content requires a subscription to the app and is the first installment of what will be weekly content added to the app library for all subscribers. By the time you see that, though, you’ll have been invited to create a subscription, which is handled just like any other subscription you would make through the Apple App Store or Google Play. The subscription will be tied to the credit card you use for your app store purchases and subscriptions, and you’ll be guided through authorizing the purchase as you are likely already quite accustomed to doing. As a reminder, we do not access, record, or store any payment or personal information when you subscribe. The only information we have access to on our side is the email address you create your account with and the password for your WARMACHINE app account to aid in recovery if needed. And while it should go without saying these days, we highly recommend that the password you use for your WARMACHINE app account be unique, robust, and not used for any other account.

Along with today’s progress report, we’ve updated the MKIV roadmap to reflect some course changes in the ongoing development of the app. After much research into implementing the Output-to-PDF functionality that will allow you to print card data from the app, we determined that Desktop Client support would need to come first, as it helps facilitate the print function. So, these items have switched places on our development timeline, with Desktop Client support targeted for April and the Output-to-PDF functionality following in May. Desktop Client support will be facilitated through Steam, and with a subscription, you’ll be able to jump from mobile device to your desktop and back again, with access to all your Force builds from any device you’re logged into.

We’ve also added some Legacy development milestones to the roadmap and are aiming to have Legacy rules for Battle Engines as well as the Secret Dominion army in the app in March, followed by the Temple Guardians and Black Fleet armies in April. As planned from the outset, Legacy conversions of all remaining models will continue through the end of the year, with everything complete by December of 2023.

And for a little icing on the cake, we’ve added the new army logo for the second warlock-led army that we’re excited to bring to the tabletop this summer. We’ll have a little more to say about that subject during next week’s PrimeCast, so be sure to tune in!

For now, watch for our announcement when the new build goes live. We’ve got a lot to show you!

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