In preparation for this launch we will need to put out a data update that will not work with your current version of the WARMACHINE app, and then publish a store version which can download the new data.  When we do this there will be a period of up to a few hours that the the app is offline between when we publish the data and app, and when your device sees the update on the stores.  We are going to perform this update at 9pm PST on Thursday, February 23. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

The WARMACHINE app for MKIV has undergone a host of upgrades, polishing, and new features in today’s update. We’re still hoping to have subscriptions active next week, but in the meantime, want to hit some of the highlights of the most recent build.

One of the biggest changes you’ll see is the new flow for Force Building. When selecting “Create a Force,” instead of seeing a massive list of armies to scroll through, you’ll be greeted with a pair of options: Prime Arena and Unlimited. If you select the Prime Arena, you’ll then have the option to create a new MKIV army or a Legacy army. If you go the other way with Unlimited, you’ll see all of the Legacy Factions, which will include all model rules that have been added to the app, to date, without Force Building restrictions. While we’re frontloading Prime Legacy armies, we are also adding Unlimited-only models along the way, so Unlimited will continue to fill out over the coming months.

We also want to make clear that there is nothing preventing new MKIV or Prime Legacy armies from playing against Unlimited armies. Although we have separated these arenas to make it clear what is available in Prime, the matchmaking functions don’t restrict new armies from playing against Unlimited. So, if that’s your fancy, have at it!

Another feature we think you’ll find handy is the new search function in the library. Type a word into the search bar, and you’ll get the list of documents where that word shows up. Tap on a document, and you’ll see a list of links that can direct you to every instance of that word within the document.

We also have Quick Help on cards now, so tap on an icon and the associated rules will pop up without any searching necessary.

In addition to some visual polish throughout the app and several bug fixes, there are more quality-of-life upgrades you’ll see listed in the developer notes after you update the app and open it again for the first time.

But wait, there’s more!

Coming next week: We’ll be filling out the library with several new publications, including “Forces of” articles, compiling all of the existing lore for the Orgoth Sea Raiders, Cygnar Storm Legion, and Khador Winter Korps. We’ll also be adding a Warcaster Training Guide, an abridged version of the rules that we hope will be helpful to new players as well as provide a good refresher for anyone returning to WARMACHINE since the edition change.

And today, we’ll launch the Legion of Everblight: Ravens of War Prime Legacy Army in the app, and we’ve got a killer bundle in the Privateer Press Online Store if you’re looking to start or fill out a Ravens of War army!


We hope you’ll enjoy all the new features and content! There’s much more to come!

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