Wargaming Miniatures Kickstarter – 2 Armies: Ogre Pirates vs. Dinoriding Amazons

Brand new miniature campaign was launched on Kickstarter by Titan Forge and is currently live. The campaign features 2 lines of miniatures. All models are presented in rotating animations so you can see every detail. Backers are rewarded with the exclusive Kickstarter prices, prerelease access to unique miniatures and Free Hero Packs for every backer, that are getting bigger and bigger as the campaign grows.

Visit the campaign site here!

“Temple of Serpent”

The brand new collection inspired by the lost civilizations of Amazonia and Mesoamerica. It envisions an utopian enclave hidden so deep in the wilderness that it is considered forbidden territory. The tribe is focused on preserving an ancient magic with the help of gods and dinosaurs.

Currently avaialble models feature a High Priestess on the colossal pterodactyl, an amazon tracker with a condor companion, a feathermage, the Archhuntress, ballistas, the regular Amazon troops – warriors, archers and guardians of the temple, pteroraiders and light and heavy cavalary on raptors and brutosaurs.

Titan Forge is planning on adding even more minis as the campaign grows.

“Bloodsail Island”

An established line of ruthless ogre pirates. Upon discovering the Temple of Serpent they have became overpowered by the desire to plunder its treasures. They are going to need every hand on deck for this one, so the line is getting a massive extension!

The army is led by the ogre captain on the giant bonecutting crab and features Fishgutt, the shark hunter who wears one for a cape, the real ogre Jolly Roger, Shooshaka, the jungle hag and her pet monkeys, the mercenary captain Rodrigo de Ogra, fearful ogre cavalary riding komodo dragons and more fantastic ogre units mercenaries, crewman.

The ogre army is also accompanied by Gobling deck-hands with their own heroes and the mysterious Sharkmen species. As the campaign grows bigger even more miniatures and freebies for the backers are being released.

Join the most thrilling raid in the miniature history! Choose your side, fight until the end and get greatly rewarded for your engagement!

Visit the campaign site here!