Wargame-model-mods Maze of the dead Kickstarter – A look at the chaotic compound and more stretch goals

With so many different themed boards to choose from here is a look at the chaotic compound.


This is a 4×4 foot gaming board using 16 tiles 40 corners and 96 wall sections. you can select this exact set up on the kickstarter, it is the 4×4 Dungeon board.

This ones theme revolves around the demonic and possessed featuring satanic symbols. The tiles have a good amount of detail cut out to allow plenty of light to shine through and really light up the symbols.

This is one of seven current board themes.

so there is it a good look over the entire chaotic compound set.

Stretch goal 9 has been reached today and 15 added.

I am also working on some new Add-ons and a new boards design and i still have plenty more stretch goals to add

9. Crates and boxes.

Add £10 to pledge.

Contains 27 various drums, crates and boxes.

15. Control room.

Unlocks at £11250

Add £10.

Contains 4 control terminals, four doors, two tables and two weapons locker + a bunch of weapons.