Upcoming Titles from Zmok Books and Wild West Exodus

Winged Hussar Publishing, LLC’s fiction imprint, Zmok Books, announces the upcoming books tied into Wild West Exodus for 2014:

Holy Order of Man 1 – Bastion – April 2014 – Craig Gallant

An ancient, eldritch horror begins to emerge once more into the light, threatening to engulf a new, vibrant continent, as those sworn to combat the evil struggle against centuries of complacency and false conviction half a world away. Amidst the rising tide of darkness, one man fights to find his place in a shifting world of shadow alliances, conflicting loyalties, and ancient myths made very, very real. As the primordial darkness once again threatens mankind, there is only one hope, carried to the New World on the shoulders of a holy warrior fighting the darkness within his own heart.


Wayward Eight – The Wayward Eight:  A Contract to Die For– June 2014 – Robert Waters

Ex-Confederate officer, Captain Marcus Wayward, gathers his “Wayward Eight” mercenaries to work for the Union.    The crew would rather fight the Union, but money is tight, and Marcus is desperate.  They are hired to kill Dr. Burson Carpathian – the greatest threat to the Union and the world.  Right or wrong the Wayward Eight are not happy to fight for the Union, but glory and riches can be strong enticements.


Lucinda Loveless 1 – Cold Hearts – August 2014 – Craig Gallant

Her loyalty has been abused beyond sane endurance, and Lucinda Loveless can take no more. The causes and men for which she pledged her life are no more, lost to these dark times or abandoned in the name of expediency. Alone, Lucinda may choose her own allies and fight for her own causes. But she will also make her own enemies. For without the protection of the Union, even their most formidable agent, struggling through the snow-bound Western Territories, will find it hard to stand alone.


Lucinda Loveless 2 – Unearthly Power – October 2014 – Craig Gallant

The flow of Crimson Gold has been tracked into the far western territories. Mining towns, built on hope and anticipation, are now home to nothing but grief and despair, resurrected in the horrible image of Doctor Burson Carpathian. Former Union Agent Lucinda Loveless, running from her former allegiances and her former life, has stumbled upon something far more dangerous to everything she still holds dear. And as winter turns in the frozen mountains, the future could rest in the hands of a woman without a nation to call her own.


Wild West Exodus Anthology – TBA – December 2014 – Authors TBA

A collection of short stories based on characters from Wild West Exodus, including the winner of a fan submittal to have his story featured in this collection.  More details to come