Undercity Kickstarter and limited edition buildings

Undercity Kickstarter and limited edition building

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The Undercity kickstarter consists of three different themed city sets.

Each has a underground section or undercity and then a overcity consisting of buildings.

The overcity is supported on strong stable towers, around these towers are several theme specific setups.


The kickstarter also includes the gothic cathedral which is a kickstarter exclusive building.

This is the cathedral there are two options the base package and the one seen above which includes the buttresses and courtyard.


Below is the medieval set up, the theme is based around wooden walkways and buildings.

There are 8 different building kits in this theme


The gothic version if perfect for 40k and kill team.

The undercity is a series of walkways and platforms all joined together.

There are seven different building kits to choose from.


The scifi city is a modern and sleek featuring several stackable buildings.

The undercity has a large railway system and various venders, mercenaries and a pub all with run down back yards.

The scifi set has 2 very detailed buildings to choose from.


There are multiple pledge options including getting individual buildings, just the under or over city and the cathedral

Kickstarter page