Two Weeks to TempleCon – February 6-9!

The Privateer Press crew are packing up and heading out the Providence, Rhode Island, February 6-9 for TempleCon 2014!

We’ll be continuing our tradition of showing off what’s up and coming at the Keynote presentation on Friday February 7th at 10am EST. If you can’t make it to the show, we’ll be live streaming the event on our official Twitch channel, along with the final match of our Iron Gauntlet: The WARMACHINE and HORDES World Championship Qualifier on February 9th at noon EST.

You’ll also have a chance to grab the latest pre-releases and Privateer Exclusives from our space in the expo hall or play a game with us in Iron Arena!

Come out to Templecon to join us for the fun, or tune in from home for our biggest announcements of the year!