Track your game progress – with WarTiles!

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WarTiles products are available through the series of tokens, wound dials and other gaming accessories dedicated to miniature tabletop games (mostly designated for WH40K, AoS, Malifaux, Infinity and of course Shadow War: Armageddon).

Over the last few days, two product groups have been sold: Small Wound Dials and Universal Battle Trackers!


Small Wound Dials are very useful for dials players, which allow you to easily track changes in the number of model life points (of vehicles and monsters).

Universal Battle Trackers – If you are a WH40K player, we probably do not need to tell you what you can do with these trackers! ;)

Stay tuned for more awesome products made from HDF from WarTiles!
Hexy-Shop is a place where you can equip your troops, prepare the battlefield, and made your own tabletop worldall thanks to Polish producers!
Whatever you are looking for – game mats, buildings, 2D Terrains, resin basing kits or HDF design – you can find everything here!

This and other WarTiles products can be found in and other selected stores.
And of course, in our eBay store!