The Woods 2nd Ed pre-orders now live


You may have seen the article in this month’s Miniature Wargame or perhaps you’re a veteran of The Woods, Oakbound Studio’s innovative skirmish game set in a world of dark age folklore. Whether you’re new to the setting or not there’s plenty of fresh ideas in store in the second edition which goes on general release in April and is available for pre-order now at

The second edition refines the ruleset of the first, moving much of the more complex ideas into a neat skills tree so that the core rules remain simple and fast to learn whilst the experienced gamers can elaborate and expand to their hearts’ content. The book contains clear-cut sections on using the rules as a roleplay game, a skirmish game and a mass-combat game. All three are compatible, allowing campaigns to scale from intimate encounters to pitched battles.

There’s new art, new creatures, expanded background and the promise of a great many new miniatures to come.

The second edition will launch at Salute in April and goes on sale with a cover price of £20. Order before March 22nd to receive your advance copy at 25% off, just £15 for this full-colour, 200-page hardback.

More information can be found at OAKBOUND.CO.UK and on the facebook page.