The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats is the perfect map set for your wild Adventures!


Your Wild Adventure Starts Here! Plot perilous encounters on our beautifully detailed maps as your party navigate their path through The Wilderness!

January 2022 will see the release of the third in Loke’s Ground breaking Modular Map Book Trilogy. The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats feature any and every wild location that you could possible encounter in a fantasy roleplaying adventure.

A Map for any wild encounter

Guide your party as they scale perilous mountains, brave angry seas and traverse scorching deserts. Plot the path of your adventure through dense rain forest floors, dark and perilous woods and challenging heathlands. Every turn reveals canyons, raging rivers and even splintering ice sheets.

Loke Battle Mats’ trademark two book format allows you to use one map page for smaller encounters, or combine both books to create 2×2 foot map areas. And with standard entry/exit points you can line up the pages to create exactly the maps you need!

Flexible and adaptable to exactly fit your adventure

All the maps in the Wilderness are wipe clean, so you can customise the maps using any non-permanent marker (wet or dry wipe). This means your encounter will be exactly how you planned it to be! And all set on a beautifully illustrated battle map.

Create immersive encounters in seconds

Also launching in January 2022 Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps – Wilderness are the perfect addition to your battle mat! A pack of 100+ static clings featuring wild & perilous features, these Wilderness Add-Ons allow you to create an engaging, immersive encounter scene in moments.

Perfect to use with any of Loke Battle Mat’s Book of Battle Mats range, or indeed any laminated battle map, these clings let you set a scene ahead of the game, or lay features in seconds to surprise your payers. Trees, traps, camps, an oasis or even appealing mushrooms. A hundred scenery options at your fingertips mean you’ll never be short of ideas for the next encounter!

More Peril please!

Loke Battle Mats’ Little Book of Battle Mats – Wilderness Edition – is the ideal companion to The Wilderness.

Packed with added peril – perfect to add onto an existing battle map or reveal for random encounters. This little 6×6 inch book has laminated map pages featuring dangerous wild places. Tidal caves, shipwrecks, forest paths and even suspicious alters. Just open and roll!

The Wilderness Books of Battle Mats, The Little Book of Battle Mats – Wilderness Edition and Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps – Wilderness are available from your friendly local gaming store, your favourite online retailer or from January 24.