The Ultimate Army Builder is now on Android

Hail Commanders,

You’ll be glad to know we’ve been working hard and I’m proud to announce Codex Commander, wargaming’s newest army builder, is now available on Android (don’t worry iOS owners, your version is already here).

Codex Commander Screenshot

It’s costs nothing to check it out, but here are some features to wet your appetite:

  • Dual screen, you can view what to buy on the left and what’s in your list on the right.
  • Enhanced UI, build lists fast with one-tap interactions and drag and drop.
  • Unlimited saves, because a Commander can never have too many squads in garrison.
  • Data is already available, 40k, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Warmachine & Middle Earth.
  • Save your lists with personal notes or rules (currently Android only).
  • And more…

You can check it out right here – now

Over and out!