The gothic Undercity preview

 The Undercity Kickstarter is live

This is a small article detailing the gothic theme from it.

The gothic Undercity consists of several different platform types and heights.

The platforms are accessed in several different ways, these include ladders, steps and bridges.

The towers each support a double walkway that can connect to the different size octagonal platforms.

The walkways and platforms have standardized attachment points for ladders, steps, bridges, barriers and much more

 The small and medium octagonal platform stack and then sit at the same height as the lower and upper walkways.

 A couple of diagonal bridges are included in the sets, they can fit between platforms that are fitted at 90 degree to each other on the towers.

When the towers are spaced at 30cms then one platform will fit in the middle which is then connected to the towers via the small bridges.

The same distance can also be covered with the large bridges.

 There are several different sized ladders included that will reach up to the various level of the platforms and walkways, they slot into the attachment points.

The sets can make up loads of different variations and can be different each time you set it up.

These sets can currently be pledged for on Kickstarter