T5: (Tactical, Topographical, Table-Top Terrain): Tile City

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FireBucket Games has until now been designing resin scenic bases and terrain, but has finally brought their skill with machine tools directly into the business with a new line of modular, 12″ square, laser cut, HDF city tiles and stackable buildings designed to provide a dense urban environment for skirmish games.

T5: (Tactical, Topographical, Table-Top Terrain): Tile City is a KickStarter project that is scheduled to go live February 3, 2014.

Features include:

All pieces

  • High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) is durable, Non-toxic, Biodegradable (if for some odd reason you wanted to compost your gaming terrain), Takes and holds paint, Adheres to most glues (wood glue, white glue, PVA, super glue, gap-filling super glue, silicone adhesive)
  • Designed for 28mm miniatures, but can work up to 35mm or even 1:48 scale.
  • Hidden construction tabs (no unsightly joints!)

T5: Tile City

  • 12″ (304mm) square tiles, 1/4″ (6.4mm) thick.
  • 6″ (152mm) increments with which to build city blocks.
  • Interlocking along edges to prevent separation.
  • High-precision detail engraved on all visible surfaces; even the side of the curb.
  • Gives impression of depth, without interfering with game play.
  • Vertical cuts along the sidewalk edge add to impressions of realism.
  • 14 different tiles designed so far.
  • Combine any number of tiles to make your city as large as you want.
  • Two-lane roads with sidewalks on both sides.
  • Place roads side-by-side to make four-lane roads.
  • Easy to build.
  • Potential for more aesthetic options and more accessories as this project progresses.

Modular Building Building Modules (MBBM)

  • This name is brought to you by the minister of redundancy from his office, the ministry of redundancy.
  • 6″ x 6″ (152mm) or 6″ x 12″ (152mm x 304mm) octagonal footprint.
  • 3″ (76mm) tall, per level.
  • Octagonally indexing (can be stacked with levels facing any of eight ways)
  • Peg-in-hole interconnection between levels assures correct alignment every time and allows levels to be separated without sticking together.
  • Designed to build towers.
  • Can be stacked as high as you want; the flat base will remain stable as long as the surface it is on is flat and level.
  • High-precision detail engraved on all visible surfaces, even inside, with multi-layer lamination for added visual depth.
  • Central GravElevator (not a real anti-gravity engine) for moving between levels.
  • Doors (removable)
  • Windows (at least two sizes!)
  • One MBBM set contains: (1) MBBM66: a 6″ x 6″ building with flat roof, (1) MBBM612: a 6″ x 12″ building with flat roof, (1) balcony, (1) support column, (2) roof fillers, (20) rooftop railings, (4) doors, (4) elevators.
  • Potential for more aesthetic options, acrylic panes for the windows, and more accessories as this project progresses.

KS BoLS Container
Shipping Container 422

  • 4″ (101mm) long
  • 2″ (50mm) wide
  • 2″ (50mm) tall
  • Downward-hinged door on the front.
  • Enough interior space for two models on 40mm bases.
  • Removable roof (to get to the models mentioned above)
  • Able to be stacked facing any direction and still interlock so they won’t slide off each other.
  • Potential for 2″ long, 6″ long, and windowed versions as this project progresses.

Useful Links:
FireBucket Games official site: http://www.firebucketgames.com
More preview and Teaser images available at: http://www.facebook.com/firebucketgames