Storm Legion: Captain Athena di Baro and Stryker Warjack

Captain Athena di Baro

Cygnar Warcaster

Among the first warcasters to sign on to Cygnar’s new Storm Legion, Captain Athena di Baro is an expert in combined arms and defensive tactics. Those who follow behind her moving wall of warjacks into battle know Captain Baro will do all that is within her power to see to it they live to fight another day.

  • Her Defensive Measure special rule states that while in her control range and B2B with one or more models in her battlegroup, models in her battlegroup gain +2 ARM and cannot become knocked down.
  • Her Open Fire spell enables a target warjack in her battlegroup to immediately make an attack.


Heavy Warjack

The first wholly galvanic warjack to enter mass production in the service of the armies of Cygnar, the Stryker is powered not by a coal-fueled steam engine but by a mechanikal storm chamber. Armed with a brutal voltaic hammer and a galvanic shield, the Stryker is more than capable of delivering a swift reckoning to any opposition that is unfortunate enough to step into its path.

  • Its Accumulator special rule enables the Stryker to gain an extra focus point if it begins its activation within 3˝ of one or more Legionnaire models.
  • Its Overtake special rule enables the Stryker to advance up to 1˝ after it destroys one or more enemy models with a basic melee attack during its Combat Action.
  • On a critical hit with its Voltaic Hammer, the model hit is slammed directly away from the Stryker.

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