Skull Island eXpeditions Coming Soon to Audible and iBooks and Available Now on NOOK!

Privateer Press is pleased to announce that Audible will soon be releasing a selection of audiobooks from Skull Island eXpeditions’ library of fiction based on the award-winning Iron Kingdoms setting. The first two audiobooks, Into the Storm and Instruments of War from New York Times bestselling author Larry Correia, will be released February 4th on These audiobooks feature professional narration and are compatible with a wide array of devices, including phones, tablets, eBook readers, and computers.

In addition to the upcoming audiobook release, Skull Island eXpeditions eBooks are now available directly through the Barnes & Noble website for use with NOOK readers and will also soon be available directly through iBooks on Apple devices.

With the addition of these new channels, readers will be able to purchase Skull Island eXpeditions fiction through the most popular eBook platforms or purchase DRM-free versions directly through to enjoy on any device.