Skull Island Announces Iron Kingdoms Excursions!

Iron Kingdoms Excursions is an exciting way to explore the continent of Immoren, the setting for the award-winning WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Iron Kingdoms games. Every volume of Iron Kingdoms Excursions features three short tales of the men, machines, and monsters of Immoren as you’ve never seen them before. Releases are available in single volumes or as a season pass.

Single Volume – $.99
Choose any one volume of Iron Kingdoms Excursions, with three short tales to enjoy. Volume One, is available now at the Skull Island website and the Kindle Store, and will soon be available through iTunes and Barnes and

Season Pass – $4.99
Explore even more! Each month for six months, you’ll automatically receive the new volume of that season’s Iron Kingdoms Excursions stories as soon as it’s released, for a total of eighteen original tales at a special price. Just check your eBooks tab when each new volume is released to download the latest stories. The Iron Kingdoms Excursions Season Pass is available exclusively through the Skull Island eXpeditions website.

Get your season pass to adventure and experience steam-powered fantasy at its best!