Set the scene

One of the things I’m continually amazed about in the community is the diverse range of scenery that crosses our Facebook feed or Twitter. It’s not surprising in the sense that our Battlezone scenery is used for that – what surprises me is how amazing some of the pieces are that people make with it.

I think that scenery is important, not just because some games have rules for cover and movement based on the board set up, but because the setting really creates a sense of immersion, and the more immersed you are in the game, the more fun it is!

So, I thought today I’d share some inspiration and ideas.

Deathwatch studios

This guy is pretty much wall to wall Mantic at the moment, so check out his blog, but I wanted to highlight some of the gorgeous pieces he’s made with our terrain (and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with our ruins).

pitch2 cafe1

Awesome huh?  I think it’s the details that make it to be honest – it’s clear that the scenery is going to be an intergal part of something and has been constructed and painted with the smallest of features in mind.

Then I turned these up on Twitter….


Super cool terrain by @manticgames built and painted by @d6gcraig

— Hollywood (@thed6ghollywood) September 2, 2014


Deadzone board finish lol — warren lee (@warrenlee21_) July 30, 2014

@manticgames Almost done with the first shipment =D

— Jamie O’Toole (@InTheDeadzone) July 21, 2014

And from the same guy…

@manticgames Plague detected…Containment protocol active

— Jamie O’Toole (@InTheDeadzone) May 7, 2014


Hopefully this has inspired you for some of your wave 2 games, and gives you an idea of what can be done with our BattleZones scenery.

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