Samurai Teahouse Set available now!

If this new samurai terrain set doesn’t inspire you to fill your games with movie moments, then nothing will!! Today we released the Japanese Teahouse Set, designed for 28mm scale and 3D printers. All of these samurai terrain pieces fit even the smallest and cheapest 3D printers – available for as little as $100 recently! The cost for printing this teahosue depends a little on your plastic, but is approximately $10.

For those without access to a 3d printer, we now have print retailers for our SAMURAI, TAUI  and NECRONTYR ranges set up in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and now Canada! See our site for the full retailer list

You can use LEDs to light up the windows, interiors and stone lanterns.

Tomoko will greet you at the gate and perform the traditional tea ceremony….. unless she’s a secret assassin!

Two brothers face off in the small rock garden!

The interior is, of course, fully textured and detailed, with wall scrolls, tea kettles and tatami mats.

The Samura Teahouse Set is available for download today: