Samurai Measuring Sword available NOW!!

Our 3D-printable wargaming Japanese samurai terrain range has a new highly-detailed bit of bling for your gaming, available for download now for printing on your home 3D printer.

Each piece fits even the smallest and cheapest 3D printers – available for as little as $100 recently! The cost for printing each measuring sword depends a little on your plastic, but is approximately $1.20 (approx 60g of plastic).



The blade is 6 inches (marked per inch), and the hilt another 3 inches.



As well as the half circle inch markings on the blade, the back edge also includes small notches to mark out each inch.





NINJA ATTACK!! We used the plain hilt version for this one, without clan symbols.



The Samurai Measuring Sword is available for download from our website today: