Riot Quest: Painting Sir Dreyfus

by Charles Foster III

Whew! It’s been a few weeks since my last insider; between AdeptiCon and everything else going on, I’ve sadly not had the time I wanted to get my paintbrushes in hand. Now that I’m back at my painting desk, I’m faced with the usual problem: I don’t even know where to start. After looking into the beautiful cases at work for some inspiration, I found myself staring over and over again at Constance Blaize. What a beautiful-looking model. Maybe I could transition that paint scheme onto a Riot Quest model? After examining the models carefully, I decided to do a Morrowan color scheme on Sir Dreyfus. Makes sense, right?

Colors Used

Lacquered White Armor

Step 1) I start by basecoating the armor with an even mixture of equal parts Menoth White Base, Underbelly Blue, and Trollblood Highlight.

Step 2) Next, I apply a wash of Bastion Grey mixed with Trollblood Base to all white armor areas.

Step 3) To really define those areas, I apply a final shading of Ironhull Grey.

Step 4) I start highlighting the armor with a mixture of Underbelly Blue and Menoth White Base with a 3:1 Underbelly Blue to Menoth White Base mixture.

Step 5) For my second highlight, I add some Menoth White Highlight to the mixture from the previous step.

Step 6) Next, I apply a third layer of highlights using Menoth White Highlight.

Step 7) And finally, I apply the last highlight using Morrow White.

Lance Handle

Step 1) For the handle of the lance, I basecoat it using a mixture of Trollblood Base and Cygnar Blue Base.

Step 2) I apply a shade by adding some Battlefield Brown to the previous mixture.

Step 3) To pick out the details, I hit the deepest areas with a mixture of Exile Blue and Umbral Umber.

Step 4) To smooth out the colors, I glaze the area with a highly thinned Cygnar Blue Base.

Step 5) To highlight, I start with a mixture of Trollblood Base, Cygnar Blue Base, and Frostbite.

Step 6) Finally, I add Underbelly Blue to the mixture from the previous step and apply final highlights to the blue areas.

Bronze Trim

Step 1) I want to have two different styles of yellow metals on the model to really make it stand out. I want to have bronze trim and bright gold for accents. I start by basecoating the metal trim with a mixture of Rhulic Gold, Cold Steel, and Blighted Gold.

Step 2) I shade the trim with a layer of Brown Ink mixed with Cryx Bane Base.

Step 3) To bring the color down a bit and give it more depth, I apply thin glazes of Green Ink mixed with Bloodstone.

Step 4) To highlight the metal, I use an even part mixture of Solid Gold, Cold Steel, and Blighted Gold.

Step 5) After the model has been sealed, I apply another round of this highlight.

Bright Gold Accents

Step 1) To really get that Morrowan feel, I need to add in bright golds. I start by basecoating the gold details on the model with Rhulic Gold.

Step 2) Next, I shade the areas with Bloodstone.

Step 3) I take the shade one level deeper by applying additional shading with a mixture of Brown Ink and Sanguine Base.

Step 4) Next, I apply a highlight to the area using Solid Gold.

Step 5) After the model has been sealed, I apply a final highlight of Solid Gold to this area.

Glowing Areas

Step 1) For any area that I want to glow, I add a basecoat of Meredius Blue.

Step 2) I highlight this area by applying Frostbite to the raised areas or a fixed point from where the glow would generate.

Step 3) Next, I apply a thin glaze the glowing areas with Arcane Blue. Water this down to almost a wash and then be patient, letting each layer dry before applying the next layer in order to get the desired look.

Step 4) Lastly, I add final highlighting with Menoth White Highlight to the highest tips of the glowing area.


Step 1) Add in some sand and ballast with Elmer’s white glue and let it dry completely.

Step 2) Water down a bit of Bloodstone and apply it across the base material to let it soak in.

Step 3) Once dry, drybrush on a little bit of Rucksack Tan.

Step 4) Drybrush on one final highlight of Menoth White Base.

Step 5) Glue on some static grass.

And there you have it! I feel pretty confident that this would appease the Morrowan god.

Join me next time when I decide what type of frog to paint my Flugwug the Filcher!

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