RGG 360° miniature holder is back on Kickstarter

RedgrassGames just announce the launch date of their new Kickstarter campaign! It’s an enhanced edition of their miniature holder RGG 360°.
The Kickstarter campaign will last two weeks.
-From May 21st at 5pm (gmt) / 1pm (est)  to June 4th, 2020
-Deliveries will start in July


Why improve the RGG 360° miniature handle? Because the additional features make it the most user-friendly holder for miniature painting.

New features:

  • Swappable cap: You can now paint multiple miniatures with just one handle.



  • Magnetic dock: Secure your WIP miniature thanks to the magnet inside the holder.

And still the same cool characteristic:
– Ergonomic handle to stay focused and to hold your miniature naturally without causing hand fatigue.
– 360° rotation to offer more control and help you achieve a better painting on every angle-Effortlessly.
– Stick them all! Round, square, small, large, exotic bases…10 to 50mm you can stick them all
Each backer will receive a FREE copy of our painting book written by Angel Giraldez! So save the date!

MAY 21st on Kickstarter!