Punkapocalyptic KS. Lord Homoeroticus.

Only 48 hours left. Join the Punkapocalyptic KS. The most irreverent, wild, badass, lethal and politically incorrect game.


GT Studio Creations has been working hard so we can show you one last miniature before the campaign ends. And there was no better choice than Lord Homoeroticus, the Ganger personality included for free with all pledge levels with access to unlocked extras.
But that’s not all. To thank all Punkaddicts who have backed this Starter set release, as soon as the campaign ends we are going to run a raffle among all backers with access to extras. The winner will get to work with us in a design/concept art for a new Merc or Personality of their liking, along with its special rules (unless the winner decides to create a regular member of a faction). Always according to the aesthetics and mood of our game’s background.
So move your asses because you are still in time to support us, help unlock more stuff… and if you are lucky, leave your mark on the Wasteland.


Join the Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter and help us unlock more cool things.

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