Project:ELITE with 90+ miniatures 200% funded on Kickstarter

Earth in the future…

An alien invasion has brought mankind to its knees. We were not ready for this. Throughout the globe, people are still trying to stop the aliens. Our enemy is superior, but we need to fight back with all we’ve got. It is time to activate Project: ELITE.

Project:ELITE is an innovative real-time board game full of intense moments. Players take the role of members of a special ops team called Project: ELITE. They are sent on dangerous missions trying to complete objectives while swarms of aliens attack them.

The game was designed by Konstantinos Kokkinis (Drum Roll, New Dawn) and Sotirios Tsantilas (Archon: Glory & Machination, New Dawn) who bring new ideas in the board game industry and both Artipia Games and Drawlab Entertainment are eager to welcome you in its world.

Thanks to the backers of the project even more are unlocked and still going strong. Is also contains the options of a bundle of these 2 awesome Mega-Bosses


Time to kill some aliens!
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