Project:ELITE Kickstarter campaign is almost over


The most succesful campaign of Drawlab and Artipia on its finale


Project:ELITE is an innovative real-time board game full of intense moments. Players take the role of members of a special ops team called Project: ELITE. They are sent on dangerous missions trying to complete objectives while swarms of aliens attack them.

During the past 23 days both Drawlab Entertainment and Artipia Games have been working on the succesful Kickstarter campaign of Project:ELITE. Starting out with a $34,000 goal we have managed to collect so far more than 500% (meaning more than 170,000), allowing us to imporve greatly the contents of the game.

Right now, Project:ELITE includes 31 additional miniatures, 10 more cards, 16 plastic 3d tokens and we still can offer much more with Stretch Goals pending.

Of course, the special price and the free international shipping we offered helped great in this, allowing all our backers to get a great deal.
You can still join the campaign. Find out more !