Privateer Press Goes “Beyond” the Borderlands of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game for 5e

October 12, 2021

Woodinville, WA— Privateer Press has followed up its highly successful Iron Kingdoms: Requiem 5e RPG Kickstarter project by launching the all-new Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands and Beyond campaign. The earlier Requiem project raised over $867,000 from nearly 7,000 supporting backers. On Tuesday, October 12th, the Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands and Beyond campaign met its $100k funding goal in under two hours and is now on track to follow its predecessor’s success.

Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands and Beyond introduces three new books to the 5e roleplaying game line that take GMs and their players beyond the human nations of the Iron Kingdoms and into ancient lands and foreboding wilds. The Borderlands and Beyond sourcebook provides players with a wealth of new class options, and equipment, and introduces Iron Kingdoms warlocks and their warbeasts to the setting. The Borderlands Survival Guide is the GM’s resource book for new rules that will challenge their players’ survival skills as well as providing a horde of new monsters to throw at them. And finally, the Shadow of the Seeker adventure will thrust players into shadowy Ios and pit them against a power-hungry eldritch seeking godhood.

An Early Bird Reward level will get backers a free Borderlands GM screen for pledging within the first 72 hours of the Kickstarter campaign. Stretch Goal rewards include miniatures based on characters in the Shadow of the Seeker adventure, special guest author adventures, and enhancements to the printed books. Additionally, Privateer has included a special retailer reward option that includes all of the available stretch goals for brick-and-mortar stores wishing to stock the new releases.

“The incredible support we received with the Iron Kingdoms: Requiem campaign has motivated us even more to make sure that the 5e edition is the best version of the Iron Kingdoms RPG that we’ve ever published,” says Privateer Press’ owner and Creative Director Matt Wilson. “And beyond the Kickstarter projects, we have a trove of material lined up to provide continual support for everyone adventuring in the Iron Kingdoms.”

The Kickstarter for the Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands and Beyond runs through October 28, 2021, at

Download the press kit here.

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