PRIMECAST Episode 13

Ahoy, everyone—it’s time once again for PRIMECAST! In our latest episode, we’ve got Chief Creative Officer, Matt Wilson, to discuss the new horizon and some of the exciting features coming to the WARMACHINE app. Next up, Jason Soles and Erik Reiersen join us to discuss what’s in store for MKIV. Then, it’s all-hands on deck as Jon Smith hangs out with Emanuel to take a look at the Black Tide campaign, now available in the WARMACHINE app. And finally, in our last segment, community members Daniel Cooley from Smash U and David Aka Vulnarus from Discord join us as guest hosts to discuss the latest releases in Monsterpocalypse. So, find your sea legs, buckle your swash, and get ready for a nearly two-hour PRIMECAST packed with crunchy strategy discussion for all!


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