Pre-painted resin terrains sets are RESTOCKED. Make new battlefield for your army!

We can’t wait for the lockdown to end to be able to play again! At least we have restocked in full our range of pre-painted resin terrain! Let’s get ready our battlefields in the meantime so we can start the war when we are free to play with the friends!:)
Also coming soon new batrep from SN Battle Reports
we will post the link in a few days for the full video. Can’t wait after seeing the awesome table preview in the first photo!, Gothic ruins set
Terrain set:
Gothic ruin set
Gothic temple
Gothic walls
game mat:
Winter realm, Fallout zone set, The lost world
Terrain set:
Fallout Zone set
Industrial set
Warp portal
Chem-Zone Conduits Set
game mat:
Lost World
Terrain set:
game mat:, Mayhem square, Gothic ruins set
Terrain set:
Game mat:
Mayhem square, fallout zone set, rocky base set
Terrain set:
Fallout zone, gothic ruin set