Pre-order: Blood Red Skies Ace – ‘Pick’ Pickard (Mosquito)

Ace – ‘Pick’ Pickard

This set contains:

  • 1 x Plastic de Havilland Mosquito
  • Advantage Flying Base
  • Set of Double-sided Pilot Skills Discs
  • Aircraft Card
  • Aircraft Trait Card
  • Ace Skill Card
  • Johnny Johnson Ace Card
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140 Wing RAF (Operation Jericho)

This set contains 19 Aircraft:

  • 3 x de Havilland Mosquito Squadrons
  • 1 x Blood Red Skies Ace: ‘Pick’ Pickard
  • 1 x British Blood Red Skies Dice 10 Dice Pack

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Blood Red Skies

Blood Red Skies is a tabletop miniatures game where you command formations of fighter aircraft in battle. Action in the game is fast-paced – with six or more planes per side, a thrilling dogfight can be fought in forty-five minutes or less. Discover the range here:

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