Pipe works Terrain System from Mechanical Warhorse

The Pipe works terrain system are modular kits of PVC pipelines and laser cut terrain you can use to support almost any tabletop gaming system.

Each Pipe works kit allows you to run multi-level pipe systems along your terrain table. Pipelines can use building and junction kits to move the pipeline through the playing area.

Ground Level (First Release)groundlevel_pipesets1

Beginning with our Pipe works ground level terrain you can run your supply lines across the table. The pipeline kits come in a single or double line kits. Each kit comes with a four way junction, pipe couplers and PVC pipelines. When assembled you can run a pipeline up to 40” in length.

Pump Room is a kit that allows you to transition your ground level pipelines to a second level. The pump house has built in couplers that allow pipelines to run on both levels. Level 2 couplers and PVC pipes are also included.

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