Northumbrian Tin Soldier : Additions to the Beardfolk Dwarf range

Morenna The Crow Mistress Dwarf

Morenna has long hunted the Crowfolk and carries with her the trophies of her conquests on her staff of power.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier have added several new characters to the range of Beardfolk Dwarven adventurers. You can recruit them from the website along with the rest of their clan for your tabletop campaigns. Conceived from old school fantasy ideas and inspired by Tolkien and Pratchett to name a few they certainly would not look out of place in an Ankh-Morpork Tavern. Did we mention that they all have beards? All of them!

Made in high quality white metal especially suitable for use with fantasy roleplaying and tabletop games such as; Dungeons and Dragons, Frostgrave, as well as many other popular 28mm-32mm skirmish Wargames.

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Hrothir Beardfolk Dwarf

The horns of the Beardfolk sound throughout the shadows of the Darkewood…

Over mountain, under mountain, through forgotten lands they travel The Beardfolk are making their way unto the Darkewood. The Darkewood is a dangerous place but rumours of treasure and secret places abound. As the Dwarven adventurers take their first steps into the shadows of the forest, and set forth to uncover the secrets of the Darkewood, What will the brave companions discover….?

Surta Ironbow Dwarven ranger

Her enemies seldom know of her presence until it is too late..

Malfolio Ironbraid Beardfolk Dwarf

As a child Malfolio dreamt of great adventures with his friends, but after a mishap with a rather large and sharp axe, he lost his big toe, and with it his balance, his dreams were crushed. Now he works as a bouncer for the local tavern….