New release: Necropolis Portal! GAMEMAT.EU

The Portal is our new addition to Necropolis terrain range (but of course this piece can fit any sci-fi themed table).

You can order terrain and battle mats at

The Portal – truly a great centerpiece, with 30 by 30 cm base, and 15cm heigh, shows the hi-tech technology used to open and maintain the warp-gates at the Necropolis project.

Portal is made of resin, and is sold pre-painted, as can be seen on the pictures around.

We would like to highlight few features of it:

– on sides it has 4 connectors – which will fit by size our pipes (Chem-Zone Conduit system) thus you can create system of the power lines for the Portal.

– it provides plenty of cover in skirmish games as Necromunda or Kill Team – you can partially or fully hide the models on many places around or on top of it.

– Also for games of Warhammer 40k it suits as “ruin area” type of terrain – you can easily fit 10 miniatures with 32mm bases on top platforms of the Portal.

We are really looking forward to build soon a table using the Portal as centerpiece. Connect it with conduits to generators (check out our Industrial Generators terrain) and create fantasic looking sci-fi industrial battlefield.