New ITC Terrain Set: AirBase

We’ve got an entirely new set of ITC Terrain for you, AirBase!

This terrain set is just awesome. It sets the stage for a truly evocative battlefield! A daring raid on an enemy airfield, or the defense of one, perhaps trying to stop a ship from taking off with vital intel or supplies? So many options and all of them fun. Included in this kit are also our two new and very impressive ITC terrain kits: the Control Tower and MASSIVE Hangar, the largest terrain kit we’ve made to date, both of which you can purchase separately if you choose to. All of this at a discounted price and FREE shipping within the continental USA!

The set comes with:

  • 1x FLG Mat Airstrip 6×4
  • 1x Field Base Headquarters
  • 1x Field Base Bastion
  • 1x Field Base Barracks
  • 1x Field Base Bunker
  • 1x Field Base Control Tower
  • 1x Field Base Hanger
  • 1x Field Base Containers 1 and 2
  • 2x ITC Area Terrain Bases
  • Kit comes unassembled, and unpainted. ITC Area Terrain Bases bases do not come with accessories shown in the promotional image.

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