New gaming mat – Temptations!

A unique gaming mat, which brings you to the bizarre world of Chaos. Save the Galaxy, destroying the Evil in its cradle, or make the whole world so dangerous and ficle. Perfect for  Warhammer 40 000, or Age of Sigmar.

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The voices lead us! Warriors, praise the Dark Gods! Kill, maim, burn! The ruinous povers guide us and noone can stand our wrath. Let the Galaxy burn!


Battle mat temptations (4)
  • Composite material with polyester netting and plasticizer-filler
  • Water, temperature, rolling in tube, hits and scratches resistant
  • All mats are packed in special carrying tube. More info on page “Shipping”
  • We can place any hex or grid on your mat or make a special size for you. Check “Custom Work” for more information
Battle mat temptations (1)