New FLG Mats, New ITC Terrain, Big Discounts!

We’ve got to make room in the warehouse and we’ve got some cool new stuff to show you, so we’re having a sale!

We’ve got a massive resupply of materials to make FLG Mats inbound and need to make some room in the warehouse. So, we’re having a sale on all 6×3′, 4×4′, 3×3′, and 24×14″ FLG Mats!

25% Off! This Sale Lasts 3 Days Only!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also some brand new ITC Terrain and matching FLG Mat: Cobblestone Village. Cobblestone Village is a beautiful new set that evokes a rural village, perfect for WWII games such as Bolt Action, or RPGs set in a medieval setting or even games like Age of Sigmar! The buildings feature removable roofs and modeled interiors, perfect for all kinds of scenarios or encounters!

Also, 25% Off!

Grab the new Cobblestone Village Terrain and Mats, here!

And the new FLG Mat is so detailed! I love it, really a beautiful design and it goes perfectly with the new terrain. Also at an awesome 25% off during the sale!

Grab the new FLG Mat: Cobblestone Village, here!

And of course, we’ve got some sweet bundle deals for you at a discount! See all of the bundle deals, here.

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