New FAQ – Legends of Kalidasia Updated to Version 2.1.1

A new FAQ fore Legends of Kalidasia: Heroes of the Heragul has been released:

Download the FAQ here or on the game’s page.

This update includes two new clarifications and sets the game version at 2.1.1

Batteries that Cause Multiple Critical Hits and Damage Mitigation Upgrade Cards:

This entry clarifies how the Reinforced Armor and Reinforced SI upgrade cards interact with critical hits. For the Reinforced Armor card, the very first critical damage card drawn is ignored regardless of how many critical hits the battery inflicted. For the Reinforced SI card, all critical damage cards inflicted by the battery are drawn before the defender has to choose if they wish to use the Reinforced SI card.

Missiles and Engine/Thruster Points:

With the addition of the movement templates to Heroes of the Heragul, a strange situation can occur if a missile damage inflicts engine or thruster damage. To keep things simple, any engine or thruster critical damage inflicted by missiles at the start of a warship’s movement will not affect this warship this turn. Other critical damage, including warship destruction, will take effect immediately though.