New 3D Viewer Goes Live

Hi Everyone,

I am most pleased to be able to tell you that our new 3D Viewer is online. We will be uploading new models to the viewer and this will allow you to view them in all of their glory!

Please note that the models have been optimised for online viewing, which means they can even be viewed on mobile phones with a web browser. In order to get them to load efficiently we reduced their size (aka reduced the polygon count) so if you like the models in the 3D viewer you’ll love the models we make because they will be even more detailed.

Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Pathogen Assault Carrier – LINK

Saurian Military Heavy Battleship – LINK

Enjoy the links, share them with your wargaming friends and they can also enjoy our cool new models.

All the best.

Spartan Neil