More Excuses to get into “Dark World War!”

G’day all from the Slave Dungeon,


After last months release of the 18mm Dark World War rules, we here at Slave 2 Gaming decided to continue with the Dark World War products.


Lets start with the Panicked and Broken markers, these are a laser cut, double sided, cherry red plastic token, with Panicked on one side and Broken on the other. They have been made by our good friends at Knights of Dice, retailing for AU$5 for a pack of 5.



We decided to re-release each of the armies as a Basic Starter set, this allows the core units needed to field an army to be bought all at once, and for a short time for a slightly cheaper price.



Each army starter set comes with 3 of its core units, plus one or more Company Commander, and some sort of support (the humans have Heavy Machine Guns, while the Hellspawn has a Greater Demon). All sets also come with enough Activation and Panicked/Broken tokens for each unit, they retail from AU$65 – $75 depending on which set you are looking at.

Now, I did say that this would be for a short time. I plan to have these available for the next 3 months, unless there is sufficient interest to keep it going.


If you are interested in the free rules, here’s a link to Wargame Vault -Dark World War


A always, if you want to check these products out or any of our other products, head over to