Modutruck – 3D printable wargames trucks



 Welcome to Modutruck. The latest Kickstarter by Watcorpdesigns

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This concept for this Kickstarter was to develop a range of alternative Sci-fi/ near future civilian vehicles with interchangeable cabs, wheels and backs.

Fully tested and trialled on a range of low-cost FDM printers including both Cartesian and delta styles

All files have been designed and tested to print on FDM printers without requiring supports – this means 1 less step between printing and getting a great looking model.

All files are small enough to be printed on common low cost Resin printers for those wanting maximum resolution. Even the largest fit on a standard build plate without further sub slicing.

 All solid parts like Cabs will be supplied in resin friendly hollow versions

All files are broken down into various sections allowing inter-changeability between Cabs, Rears, Bases and Axels, as well as the additional upgrades (and stretch files)

If you want a civilian pick-up – done, Armoured Towtruck – simple, Milk tanker with ram bars – why not!

See bottom of page for painted examples!

Standard Cab

Armoured Cab

Armoured Cab with Hatch

Armoured Cab with Duel Machine Gun

Omni cab variant 1 – rear engine

Omni Cab Variant 2 – front engine

Armoured Omni Cab 1

Armoured Omni Cab 2


Hardback with opening doors

Solid Hardback


Armoured Half Track

Ram Bars

Bull Bars

Skull Bull Bars


Large Plow

Large exhaust chimney

Super Charger Bonnet

Standard Pledge level and Early Bird include all the files in the initial wave plus any and all stretch goals that are unlocked

Get all the files in this kick starter plus all the files from the previous MODURAIL Kickstarter – a big discount on both sets of files!



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Prepare for the End of Days by Pimping your truck with spiked plows, armour spikes and wheel blades,

Fix up your looted truck with extra armour plates and idols,

Upgrade your pick-up back with a hastily mounted machine gun or rocket launcher for when things get rough,

Turn your half track into an armoured command vehicle with a solid top and coms unit or an armoured support unit with a turret.

Modurtruck Half-track with dual cannon turret

Turn your half-track into 6 wheeled armoured car with a wheel upgrade.


Make use of the removable bonnets to show interior engine detail. More exhaust and bonnet options included.


Classic Katyusha style multi rocket launcher rear

Trucks not big enough? make way for its big Brother  – the Articulated Lorry

New model featuring a separate Cab and Trailer.

Anti aircraft gun upgrade for the Half-Track and a trailer with AA gun for other models (also features a tow hitch upgrade for all models)

Anti tank upgrade for open top half-track. Solid shell cannon and laser options.

The Big Daddy of the Trucks – Articulated Lorry with Armoured Cab and an Armoured Trailer bristling with ordnance.

Armoured Cab and Open 1/2 Track Rear
Tanker Top View