Modu-Fab – 3d Printable, Modular, Flatpack Terrain

 Welcome to Modu-Fab by Watcorp Designs.
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All parts can be assembled, disassembled and re-assembled without glue for a different layout every game.  Enough variety to make everything from cranes to fortified bunkers

Innovative Hook N Play connections allow rapid assembly and disassembly for easy, space saving storage between games

Parts lock securely together using out innovative Hook N Play connection system

All parts fully tested on a range of Cartesian and Delta FDM printers

All parts come pre-orientated for optimal printing and print without any support. No more fiddly and dangerous clean up

Files will be broken down into themed file packs. Wave 1 is the biggest of the lot so far with over 150 files. Contains all the bits needed to build an industrial themed board. Stretch goals will unlock further smaller upgrades like pipes sections as well as more themed packs – Stretch 1 being the Armored Precinct file pack with many more to follow

 Shown below is an example of some of the walls available, many more on the way as the project progresses. There is a large variety of designs to allow a wide variety of buildings from industrial zones to dwellings, shops or bunkers
Each wall is a 72mmx72mm square section.

 There are a range of support pillars to cover every eventuality  – T junctions, cross-junctions, right angles and end of wall pillars to allow a huge variety of designs.
The innovative slotting design allow the rapid assembly and disassembly of the hook and play system.
Show above are the basic designs, more are being developed with added detailing such as pipes and consoles.

 Each roof Section is 5mm thick and comes in a large variety of shapes and styles to allow maximum modularity

Also featured are hollow frames to to save on material for hollow buildings and to allow construction of gantry towers or cranes etc

Add cover and more detail with a range of rooftop walls

Extra supports and platforms allow expansion of buildings for walkways and loading docks

Set comes complete with free standing walkways and connection walls to allow modular connectivity of buildings

Curved Walls allow sweeping curves in wall sections and construction of round silos or missile launchers

Breakout sections allow connectivity to the straight wall sections

In addition the set also features stairs and pipe runs
Find out more at the Watcorp Designs Website!

Stretch goals to be finalised but include moving lifts and cranes, extra wall sections for specific themes such as Armored Precincts, Power Plants, Processing Plants and fortress upgrades, scatter terrain, additional pipe-works, doors and much, much more!