Microcontroller Update

First, a major apology for everyone who’s been waiting for the Microcontroller. We’re a little behind because we realized that the design decisions that we were making on this product would have major effects to multiple product lines, future developments, and it quickly became exponentially difficult. 

These challenges also meant that we went through several different designs before we got to where we are now, including QA on several new components, ensuring QA for our vendors and changes to our supply chain.

That said, we have GOOD NEWS:

  • First, we have finished QA on our last components and have requested our final quotations from the vendor.
  • Second, We will be placing our orders this week with an estimated delivery of mid February.
  • Third, if you purchased one during the Kickstarter, you’re getting a HUGE discount (almost 50% off MSRP). We’ll be selling them for $28.95 retail.
  • Fourth, we’ll also have a development kit available for sale which will let you change out the effects, customize your own and #HackYourModel!
  • Lastly, we’ll be opening up preorders as soon as we have a firm delivery date from our manufacturing house – but all of this will deliver BEFORE Adepticon!

New Product Launches

You asked, we responded. Over the past six months, we’ve had countless people send us messages asking if they could customize their kits, or at least choose their colors from a base-kit level and add on their color packs. NOW YOU CAN!

We’ve launched our LED Color Kits, which come with two LED strings of your selected color – just like the Spotlight Kit and the same MSRP ($19.95) – which include the PC Board, switch and battery connector as well. Now, it’s easier to customize your colors for your project builds without having a ton of extra colors that you didn’t really need.

2013-12-12 12.33.02For the historical or scale modelers out there, we have also launched our Model Car LED Kit, which includes everything you need for headlights, turning indicators/running lights and tail lights.

Stay tuned for more updates as we have them!


Chris & Chris

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