Mat for gaming table “Town Square” + coupon

There are not so many tables for Malifaux. This one fits perfectly. Aalsoot’s nice for fantasy wargames like Age of Sigmar or Warhammer Fantasy Battles

We want to make a present for everybody here – coupon code “BOLSARMY”. It will give you ability to get 3rd mat as a gift. So, if you buy two mats with a friend – than you will get free mat for 0$. It will work till 2020, so you’d better save it for future, maybe one day it will help you!

Russian project “” is working worldwide! Check out Facebook page!


The main square of the city requires soldiers, requires parades, it requires passions to break it in pieces, requires money and blood. That is the law of life, but you know it won’t last too long…


What is it? We print on PVC sheet, melting material with special acid to make inks set on PVC more solid. Material of mat is very solid, it can’t be damaged by placing terrain on it, by water, by moving miniatures or by your feet. PVC or cloth mats are availible. It is one of the fastest and cheapest way to create your own battle board. Mats comes rolled in special tube with strap, so it is ready-to-go, you can put it even on the floor and start to play.