Mantic Open Gaming Day report

This weekend we held Mantic’s first Open Gaming Day here at Mantic HQ. The hall was open all day on Saturday so people could bring in their favourite Mantic games and have a play or buy some much-needed minis from our store… after all, can you ever have enough?

Open Gaming Day

During the day visitors had the opportunity to try out a game of The Walking Dead and even play test a top-secret game that we couldn’t possibly talk about… but you might have spotted it on our Facebook video. Don’t Blaine blame us if you missed out on that.

The Shop

The plan is for the Mantic Open Gaming Day to take place on the first Saturday each month and, judging by the first event, we’re hoping it will grow into a really great day out for Mantic fans. What’s more, as demonstrated this time, you can never quite be sure about what sneak peeks you’ll get to see on your visit. Ronnie might even pop in and spoil everything too!

The next Open Gaming Day is on October 1st from 10am until 4pm, we’ll see you there!


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