Loke Battle Mats to boldly go Beyond the Blue Nebula with 100+ digital maps and 500+ Tiles and Tokens!

Loke Battle Mats to boldly go Beyond the Blue Nebula with an epic bundle of 100+ VTT ready, out of this world digital maps, plus 500+ tiles & tokens,  coming to Kickstarter November 16!

Perfect for online games and printing at home, these digital maps are super versatile and the tile set opens a huge range of possibilities.

Follow the project here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/beyond-the-blue-nebula-100-digital-maps-for-sci-fi-rpgs


Our highly detailed digital maps will feature a whole host of space ships, shuttles and space stations. Our vessels will have multi-level (for example command deck & ready rooms/crew quarters/cargo/engines) map versions. We will be including furnished and unfurnished map versions.


We’ll be including some more interesting Variations too!

A map for ANY Sci-Fi RPG

There is a very broad range of ships in this Kickstarter. From Huge Dungeons in Space, Horror themed variations and transport shuttles through to ships with no artificial gravity where the decks stack above the engines.

We also have your “Away Mission” covered. Alien ships, stations and worlds all lie ready at the click of a mouse!

These maps will transport your adventure to new and strange worlds just waiting to be explored.

Ready to Roll on Virtual Table Top or print out for your home game.

Our detailed maps are all ready to roll, virtually speaking, and are usable on all the usual online platforms (roll20, Foundry etc). As well as including VTT ready files we will also include files suitable for printing at home or at your local print shop!

500+ Map Tiles & Tokens – Create your own layouts or furnish our Maps exactly as you want!

And yet there’s more! We know no two games are the same so we are making available our tools for backers to create their own maps using our assets. We are offering up our modular map tiles (to create space ship & station layouts) and our token pack (to furnish said ships & stations) as well. In total we have over 500 assets ready to roll!

This means that you can create any number of variations, add-ons and new ships quickly & easily! This is quick and easy to do using either your preferred software or your usual Virtual Table Top platform.

Early Bird Rewards!

Backers in the first 48 hours will also get the Dawn Harrier – This awesome title contains 10+ maps!

So its over to you. Grab your blaster and roll for initiative!

Follow and back the project here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/beyond-the-blue-nebula-100-digital-maps-for-sci-fi-rpgs

A little Taster!

Loke Battle Mats have made available the Messier Shuttle map pack free on DriveThruRPG.