[KS] EverlastingWetPalette : Wet palette reinvented for enthusiastics & pro-painters


EverlastingWetPalette is the first wet palette for miniature painting designed for enthusiastic and pro-painters.

You buy the best brushes, the best paints and the best miniatures, but when it comes to the wet palette itself, you have to use kitchen parchment paper or wax paper on a plate. 

That’s why, we have developed a  multi-layer polymeric membrane fully reusable. It will bring you the best hydration and it will last.



Master your dilution :

The custom-made membrane will keep your acrylic paint wet for hours.

The paint is not “over-hydrated”. This way, you can easily control your level of dilution and achieved all kind of painting techniques.

A membrane made for enthusiastic and pro-painters, designed to help them enjoy their painting session.




Pure White :


The multi-layer polymeric membrane is made of a “pure white” material. No more guessing when you are trying to find the right color.
















Eco-friendly :

The paint stay wet for hours and don’t penetrate into the membrane, so you won’t waste your paint anymore.

The membrane is also fully reusable. It’s made of a strong material, abrasive and tear resistant.

Wet and dry acrylic paints are easily removed with a cloth and a little bit of water.  Treat it well like you do with your brushes and it will really last.













High-tech & design :

We designed the box with the accessibility in mind. From the paint to the miniature, you don’t have to move your hand.

The box is low rise, only 1,4cm ( 0,5’) The top lid is not a mere lid but an additional wet palette with the exact same size than the main one, offering one of the largest painting surface in the market. Near A4 format
The box is of course air tight and we included one of the coolest feature ever. A magnet attachments systems for add-ons !













WAVY add-on :

Even if you are fond of wet palette, sometimes you need to mix some nasty stuff with your paint or even use non-acrylic paints.
That’s why we designed Wavy. For us, it has to be rather small, well designed and more than just a well palette. After tens of iteration, we have discovered a way to include brush holders in each of wavy’s waves.
Now your precious brushes will never roll over again.
And of course this add-on uses our magnetic attachments. A clever way to attach wavy to the left, the right and even the back or front. Choice is yours.













A must have for miniature painters on kickstarter, August 29 2017


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