[KS] Everlasting Wet palette : First Add-on revealed

INTRODUCING WAVY : The smart well palette


The Everlasting Wet Palette is the first ever high-tech & reusable wet palette for miniature painting. WAVY is our first add-on who will be available during the upcoming kickstarter campaign.

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5 wells for inks and highly diluted paint.
– Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach WAVY to your Everlasting wet palette

– Each “waves” can be used as a brush holder
– Lefty and righty friendly


Everlasting Wet palette : Wavy add-on

One week remaining for our little contest ! You can still win 1 Everlasting Wet palette + Add-ons+ 11 gorgeous miniatures : http://shakr.cc/77axSpeaking of add-on for our kickstarter campaign : Introducing WAVY , our smart well palette for inks and paints.Clic ! It's magnetic ! Also it was designed to provide a reliable brush holder during your painting session. Enjoy. #everlastingwetpalette #redgrassgames

Posted by Redgrassgames on Sonntag, 23. April 2017