New miniatures war game: War Prime

Kingmaker Games is creating a new game tabletop miniatures game: War Prime.  We are very excited about the development of this new game and some of the plans we have in store.  With that in mind, we wanted to start sharing some news and information with the fans of tabletop wargaming and the hobby of painting miniatures.

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War Prime

Set in a far future universe.  You build an army, assemble your miniatures, and lead them in battle against other players.  The armies can be from any of the different factions that inhabit the galaxy: The Humans who are rebuilding their collapsed empire. The savage Kelk who are violent and driven by war. The enigmatic Amaranth and many more alien races coming soon.

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As miniatures have become more expensive, new players have a hard time getting into the hobby and longtime enthusiasts find it difficult to fund their love of collecting and painting miniatures. Kingmaker Games wants to change that. With our new line of War Prime miniatures we want to level the playing field by producing great miniatures at affordable prices.

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War Prime: Concept to Miniature

Our Kickstarter will be launching soon and we will have some amazing offers for our early backers.  As we move forward, we will be releasing more details about the game, news about alien races, and frequent updates on the development and the creation process of our miniatures.

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The goal is to create high quality, affordable miniatures for everyone to enjoy.  If you love war games or just the hobby of painting miniatures you should join us in building a new universe.  You can follow all of the development and latest news by following us on Facebook or signing up for the newsletter.