New content arrives in the WARMACHINE app every Wednesday—here’s a rundown of the new articles and features arriving today!

For WARMACHINE app subscribers, in the Lore section, you’ll find the new Khador Winter Korps Compendium, providing an in-depth look into this new modernized army of the Motherland while also bringing you up to date on the state of the Empire. You’ll also find the latest installment of Heroes & Villains featuring Hellyth, Scyir of Nightfall, in which you’ll learn who she was before she became a Dusk Eldritch and what drives her to fight for House Kallyss now.

Also appearing in the app today is a new feature that allows you to add Steamroller Objectives and Terrain to your force list after creating a match. To access this feature, simply create a match as normal, and after selecting your force, scroll to the bottom of the screen beneath your Command Cards and you’ll see two buttons: “Add Objective Cards” and “Add Terrain Cards.” Tapping either of those will open a panel with a selection of Steamroller Objectives or Terrain elements that you can then add to your list for easy reference as well as damage tracking on buildings like the Guard Tower or Bunker.

On a tangential note, we observed some discussion around the interaction between Guard Towers and zones in Steamroller and have updated both the Guard Tower and Bunker rules with the following:

Out of Action — While occupying this building models/units cannot contest, control, hold or secure flags, objectives, or zones.

We appreciate the feedback we received regarding the Guard Tower and feel this change will make buildings work more smoothly in competitive play while reflecting the intention in which they were conceived.

So, if you haven’t done it already, update your app! And check back again next Wednesday for the next season of the Black Tide campaign as well as the Resurrection League rules and more!

The MKIV WARMACHINE app can be found via the links below.

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